Best Of Money In The Bank Matches


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What are some of your favourite Money In The Bank matches. To me the early ones 2005-2009 stands out the most. Ones after that well some good & some not so good. Forgotten man in early ones is Shelton Benjamin. WWE likes to talk about Kofi Kingston with his show stealing spots but Benjamin even to this day has some of the best spots in MITB history.


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Still stay 2005-2009 MITB matches stands out but you can make a case for the 2011 SD MITB match which I just watched On Demand where it was very good. It helped that a vocal Chicago crowd was into that match


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MITB 2011 is the best MITB PPV & you can say top 5 WWE PPV'S ever. Crowd is so in it the whole PPV. Crowd is so amped up for Punk vs Cena. Never seen a crowd charged up for a Title match.


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Ya know what's bad? None of them really stand out, I guess because there has been so many of them that they all kinda run together for me.

The OG one that Edge won might be the one for me just because I remember it haha