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Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Jul 20, 2006.

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    Suppose they were to hold a 2v2 tournament, which duo from which team would win it all? It's very hard because there's a lot of good duo's in the NBA. Also explain why you chose those two.

    I would have to go with Nash and Amare, of course Amare as to be healthy, Nash is one of the best point guard in the league, and Amare healthy is one of the best players in the league, also Amare is very good defensively. I think they could beat any other duo's

    Honorable mentions.

    -Carter Jefferson

  2. shawnesty23

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    yea id have to say nash and amre would prolly win. duncan/ginobili would be 2nd
  3. baltimore

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    i'd say Gilbert and Jamison are another honorable mention. Dirk and Terry are pretty productive.
    but nash and Amare are straight Gansgta put Marion in there and shikes...and then there's diaw aswell.
    if i think of it pretty dope team.
    but back to the topic i think depending on who would match up shaq and wade could beat most people even amare and nash but u can't really tell
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    If Magic still had Steve Francis then I would have to say Francis/Howard, but since they dont, Im gonna have to go with Steve and Amare.
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    hahahahahaah cmon man be serious
  6. Xero.Shab

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    ok? I am serious... dumbass. Lmao I swear man your such a scrub, you dont even know what the fuck your saying sometimes.
  7. shawnesty23

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    lol im the dumbas ur comparign steve francis and howard to amare and nash lol but im the dumbass
  8. Xero.Shab

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    you got one thing right, yeah your a dumbass, finally i agree with you. but the reason why i said that is because nash is getting really old and amare is injured most of the time so yeah, stfu.
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