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Nintendo 64 Best Multiplayer Map:


Registered Member
What's the best multiplayer map for PD?

1. Complex

It was awesome to see this map back in the game with the new additions. It looked really nice too.

2. G5 Building

Cool level.. Used to go on mad killing sprees here.

3. Felicity

Also good to see it make the game.. was pretty cool crawling through the vents.
My favorite level has always been the Grid. It's easy to learn, always fun to play, and works well with all weapon types. And how can you not like the Matrix-inspired lobby?

Other favorites: G5 Building and Villa. Also, the three classic Goldeneye levels are impossible to not love.


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I would pick the facility, but I think it's unfair to pick a level that originated from another game, nomatter what questionable spelling changes may have been applied..... :cute:

My favorite Perfect Dark original multiplayer level would be the Villa. It's an all-round good level with a lot of variation and interesting places to shoot in. It plays well with just about any mode and scenario you can imagine. It's also very brightly colored and comfortable to play in. Kinda reminds me of the real life Nerf, Water Balloon, and Super Soaker wars I used to have as a kid.

I would say that Area 51 is my favorite, or one of my tops, because I do the best in that level, but there are several problems with the level. (1) it's ugly, (2) the layout is way too different from the level it's supposed to represent, and (3) it's basically all on the same level with no extreme high or low areas.

I also thing that the Fortress comes in a close 2nd to the Villa, but the problem with that level is that whenever I play with the computer players, they keep falling off and messing things up, so that level's only really good to play with human players.