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Best MSPaint Drawing Ever


Secret Agent
Staff member
Based on all the MSPaint drawings I've seen so far, this one by far takes the cake.

Unbelievably Realistic Microsoft Paint Art : Santa Claus Speed Painting Time Lapse - YouTube

Obviously the artist used a tablet of some sort, but even so, due to the limited capabilities of MSPaint, this is quite impressive. If it was done in Photoshop, then it wouldn't be as big of a deal. It also wouldn't have taken 50 hours. Even so, just watch.


Well-Known Member
I really appreciate how he made his own color palette on the top left corner rather than using the one build into the program.

I think this has to be the single best piece I've ever seen done in MS Paint (and I've seen a few good ones). I do have to ask why though. Why not use Photoshop? If you're this good then you more than likely have the program available to you.

I appreciate for the simple fact that it most definitely requires more skill than using any other kind of more advanced photo editing software.

And Mac people think software bundled with Windows is useless :lol:.


Registered Member
Simply amazing. I've been using MS paint since 1999, but I've never been able to do realistic drawings. Again, Simply amazing. And yes, best MS Paint drawing ever!


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That's absolutely mental, in the best possible way.

I mean, no zoom (not any kind of good one, anyway). No layers. No blending tools. Three levels of undo before you're stuck. Mental.

Amazing work though. And as for 'why MS Paint', I dare submit 'Because s/he can'. Because it's an impressive technical feat to pull this off in MS-freaking-Paint. I was mesmerised!