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Movies Best movie trilogy?


Registered Member
Well very interesting..............You could say that all of the obove mentioned trilogies are good, and if i was to say what mine is i'd have to say the Godfather trilogy.
Having said that im currently thinking that the Underworld trilogy is very good(third instalment out this nov i believe) The first two intallments are very good indeed.
Then i do like a good blood bath of a horror flick.
Hmm, this is a tough one for me because I'm not a big fan of trilogies/ quadrilogies or whatever no of sequels they make! Simply because I always love the first one and then get disappointed by the rest :cry:

But, saying that though I do love... LOTR, Matrix (No. 1), Spiderman (No.1), Die Hard (actually I LOVED all 4, but then I'm a huge Bruce Willis fan!) and Underworld...

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Resident Evil yet? I thought those films were pretty awesome even though the most recent one (whose name has totally slipped my mind) was slightly...obscure! ...Well as obscure as you can get in a film about virus infected zombies and the such like :lol:


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Back to the future and mad max.
And who else is so excited about the third high school musical, uh hell yeah!!!