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Movies Best movie trilogy?


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What do you think is the best movie trilogy? (Please no spoiler posting)

My favorite is Lord of the Rings with absolutely NO CONTEST. There have been other really awesome trilogies in the past few years, but from what I've seen so far they have all resulted from one good movie that did well.

With LOTR, it was filmed as a trilogy from the getgo. I realize it varies from the book plot in a few places, but in the end I think it's the very best trilogy ever made.

I highly doubt any trilogy in the next 10 years can surpass it.


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The original Star Wars trilogy for sure. Lord of the Rings isn't really even a trilogy. It's just one extremely long movie divided into three. A New Hope could have stood on its own without any sequels or prequels.


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I would have said the Lord of the Rings, but I have one I love a little more, not much more. I love the Godfather Trio the best.


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I have always been a huge fan Of the Lord of The Rings so I would also have to go with that, hopefully The Hobbit will be coming out soon I look forward to that.


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Yeah, I am also looking forward for the Hobbit to come out. I hope it will be good like the Trio was.


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LOTR, since we are apparently counting it as a trilogy. IF that is counted out then I'd have to go with the classic Star Wars. Not the new redone ones because they added some pretty stupid scenes.


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For movie trilogy, I would have to say Star Wars IV, V, and VI because they were the first trilogy that I ever liked. But they are not my favorite movie series, there will be seven movies by the time it is done. They may not be done yet, but it is my favorite non the less. But since this thread is about trilogies, I chose Star Wars.


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Gee, Snipes I wonder what movies you are talking about. :lol:

Could that be the Harry Potter movies?

I like them too, but not as much as Godfather ones.

Snipes you are older than I, have you see the
Godfather ones?


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Well I'm going to be all by myself here and go with back to the future as I'm a huge Michael J Fox fan. I thought the first one was best but I liked all of them.