Best military aircraft?


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For all you military buffs out there...

Of the USAF modern arsenal, which of the following fighter jets is (or was) the best and why?

I think the F-22 Raptor is undoubtedly the best fighter aircraft in the world to date, its fast, stealthy, maneuverable, and can carry heavy armament.

YouTube - Future weapons F-22 Raptor

The F-117 had a few flaws, but what mattered was it's stealth. It could be in and out before you knew what was going on.

YouTube - F-117 Nighthawk

The F-15 was undoubtedly the best fighter jet for well over 3 decades. It's lack of stealth capability made it vulnerable, yet it was never shot down. It was built to combat the MiG during the cold war, and test flights proved its capability.

YouTube - Air superiority fighter ( F15 Eagle) part 1

The F-18 is basically the Navy version of the F-15. It was designed to combat MiG's during the Cold War. It is still in use today and mainly does bombing runs. The old saying is the Navy does 80% of the flying and 20% of the bombing, while the Air Force does 80% of the bombing and 20% of the flying :lol:

YouTube - Future Weapons: F/A 18 Super Hornet

Last but not least, the F-16. It's a good, quick, small and efficient fighter aircraft. Basically a lighter version of the F-15. It's also the one aircraft that the U.S. sells the most of and is used by the most nations in the world.

YouTube - Future Weapons : F-16 in Alaska

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Hell, It's about time!
Ya the A-10's are kick ass. My dad was stationed at Davis Monthan AFB, and we got to see the A-10's at airshows. They are pretty good bunker and tank busters.


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Yeah the A-10 is a beast. I've heard stories about how they have come back after being in a hot zone and flown flawlessly with holes in the wings large enough for a full grown man to slide through.

The F/A 18 is one of my favorite Jets.

However I would debate that Prop Planes are where its at!