Best Metallica Single pt. 2

Read the OP; Then make your selection:

  • Until it Sleeps

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  • Bleeding Me

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  • Some Kind of Monster

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  • Cyanide

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  • Unforgiven III

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  • Other (Please Say in your Post)

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Son of Liberty
Part 2: 1996-2008

Metallica is one of those one of those bands that can bridge the gap of genre's easily and make even non-fans of the music enjoy their lyrical and musical talents.

In their long lustrious career they have released alot of singles... ALOT of singles, when you've been around for 20+ years the opportunity is there to have alot of quality music.

I was on iTunes today and I noticed "Enter Sandman" was the top song, and although I do agree its one of their best... I was just curious if it truly was the best. So yeah, I did a little research, got all the singles I was familiar with and some I wasnt (which was only like 2) and Im going to make a poll (well 2 polls actually). I'll make them multiple choice, but please remember... I'm curious about the top song.. SO any of you Metallica Fan boys; [highlight]Please do not vote for every damn song![/highlight] Try and actually only pick a few, I know its not gonna be all that easy, but meh, so goes life.

So yeah, lets see the results, oh and Feel free to say why you chose what you chose.
On this group of songs I only went with two, "Unforgiven II" and "No Leaf Clover".

Load & Reload were actually the first two Metallica Albums that I ever really listened to. Unforgiven II happened to be my favorite song from them at the time and pretty much what got me into Metallica to start with. Then when S&M came out, I thought that No Leaf Clover was pretty epic. I mean just the thought of using a Symphony Orchestra in a Metal band is pretty kick ass.
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Unforgiven 2 and No Leaf Clover were two of my choices with the latter probably being my favorite out of the bunch. I loved it the first time I heard it.