Best match of group stage

Best match?

  • Brazil vs North Korea

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  • Switzerland vs Spain

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  • USA vs Algeria

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4 legs good 2 legs bad
What do you think was the most exciting match of the group stage?

These are the ones that stood out to me, and I've included them in the poll, but feel free to mention others.

Brazil 2, North Korea 1 - In a match between the top ranked team in the world and the lowest ranked team in the tournament, North Korea surprised everybody by hanging in there with Brazil. Not only did they hang in, but they scored late and threatened to equalize.

Switzerland 1, Spain 0 - This was definitely a shocker early on in the tournament.

USA 2, Slovenia 2 - Slovenia was up 2-0 at halftime, the U.S. came back and tied the game in the 82nd minute, and had what would have been the game winner disallowed in the 86th minute by the most controversial call of the tournament. It's the only game of the tournament that a team has come back from two goals down.

USA 1, Algeria 0 - Landon Donovan's goal in the 91st minute moved the Americans into the knockout round. Definitely the most dramatic goal of the tournament.

Slovakia 3, Italy 2 - The game that knocked out the world champions. There were three goals scored in the last ten minutes of the game. Anytime Slovakia went up by two and you thought the game was over, Italy came right back and made things interesting, but in the end they fell short.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
There was absolutely no suspense or drama in that game at all. It wasn't a competitive match. It was only worth watching if you enjoy seeing one team score a lot of goals.


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Italy-Slovakia definitely. Here are some others not mentioned:
Japan 3 Denmark 1 Japan perforrming as well as anyone from the group stages and scoring virtually the first goals directly from free kicks. Honda was a revelation.
Mexico 2 France 0 A real shock, and one of the most enjoyable games. I had thought of the Mexicans as a polite picture-postcard team playing pretty yet pusillanimous football.
South Africa 1 Mexico 1 Just for the level of excitement and expectation really. Also the 2-1 victory over the French, which after they scored the second goal looked like the miracle was possible.
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