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Best Live Concert Ever Attended


Registered Member
OK, this one is the best live concert you've ever attended. Yes, you can put down things like the Philharmonic or the London Symphony if you insist, but for me, it's gotta be The Boss ... Springsteen on Halloween night in Minneapolis Minnesota in 1992 (or was it 1993)? Anyway, we had seats BEHIND the stage which we thought would be awful, but it was so cool to see what went on backstage and to learn the terrible truth that Bruce used a teleprompter set in the floor (a dream died that night).


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I was going to say Destiny's Child concert but they took my camera. I got it back after the show though

I guess the best concert I went to was in Vietnam. There were various artist. Have no idea what they were singing but it was pretty cool though. I did not have a camera on me.


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Weird Al in 2004!

Not only does he actually dress up in dud for all the songs, he actually goes into the crowd!


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OK Boo me off the stage but it you are talking about all around concert? WOW factor, energy, entertainment etc I have to say Michael Jackson (In the Bad years) It was amazing! Would I go see him now? NO WAY! (and the tkts were free :) )

I'm a concert junkie so have seen many many. Most I even remember from the early years :nod:

I've pretty much seen all the biggies over the years but my fav one to go back to and back to is still Aerosmith (when they aren't sharing the stage with another huge act)

Oh and the one concert that made me actually cry.....Cher. Don't ask and I won't tell :D :lol:


New Member
If we're going for the WOW factor then personally for me would have to be Robbie Williams In August 2006.
But my best will have to be what we call the coca-cola colab which included the artists: Metallica, Collective Soul, Simple Plan and many more artists!


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TOOL and Trans Siberian Orchestra were both amazing last year. ill be checking out G3 in 2 days. good stuff


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Staff member
I've seen some videos of Trans Siberian Orchestra concerts on the net. Amazing stuff. TONS of lights. More than I've ever seen used in any other concert. Quite impressive. I'd love to see them in concert sometime!


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they are deffinitely impressive. the show was almost 3 hours. it would've been awsome at under an hour, but at that length they are a must-see


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I want to see Tool, badly. They won't be touring near here any time soon, though. :(

Godsmack was pretty good live, though.