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Nintendo 64 Best Level Tune:


Registered Member
What level had the best tune?

1. Dire Dire Docks

This tune is so peaceful and relaxing. Listen to it when you get the chance. It's pretty. :cute:


Registered Member
Aye, the pieceful and relaxing song. That song could actually be used in other contexts, and you'd never know it was from a video game. That's one of the best things about it.

As for my favorite, only two words you need to know:

This game has great music. Dire Dire Docks was what jumped to my mind first, though. Nice and relaxing, as you guys said. I also like the "Bowser's Road" song that plays during the levels before you fight Bowser. Nicely dramatic.


Registered Member
Well, after some thorough hands-on research, I must say that I like the underground puzzle music the best. It's the one that plays in the Hazy Maze and Wet-Dry World level (and perhaps some others). I especially like the part where the beat breaks up after awhile and the maraccas make an entrance. That's my favorite level music from the game.