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Best Lead off hitter?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Who do you think was the best lead off hitter of all time, I am sure a lot of people will reply with the same answer that I am about to give you. I think there were a lot of great lead off hitters, but in my mind there's no doubt that the all time leader in walks and stolen bases and runs, Rickey Henderson is the best lead off of all time. He did what a lead off hitter is suppose to do get on base, and start the tempo.


I will have to go out and Definatly say I agree completly with Rickey Being the Best Leadoff hitter of all time.


Rickey did it all - had the speed, a good eye for drawing walks, and also had some pop to boot.. of course I dont think before the 80's there was a great emphasis on the leadoff hitter (like speed, getting on base, etc).. the #2 leadoff hitter would be Ichiro - he is a very dangerous player cause he too can get on in many ways..

Lebron James

Ricky henderson.. good player, speedy and can hit the ball.