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Best Guitarist?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I agree Slash is way better then Prince on the guitar, and Slash must be one of the best because Michael Jackson asked him to play guitar in a couple of is songs. Like Black or White.


I thought Slash only did Give Into Me with Michael. I just got through listening to that. Enlightenment.


Registered Member
This is a tough topic because of how the sound of a guitar has evolved throughout music. I personally feel that its Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen. Hendrix made his guitar sing and EVH is phenomenal. Check out Respect the Wind from the Twister soundtrack for EVH's best solo IMHO.


Film Elitist
Mine would have to be


Kirk Hammet of Metallica,

Joey Satriani,

and Angus Young of AC/DC


Registered Member
I see that quite a few of you use Limewire. Try a search on these guitarists and then tell me what you think. These three are the real deal. Also, if you're going to throw Hendrix into the mix you should add a few of his contemporaries. Page and Blackmore come to mind. Then there's the prodigy Ozzy found who died very young in a plane crash that might have been the best I've ever seen live (I've seen both Gilmore from Floyd and Page with Zeppelin live), Randy Rhodes.

*Engvai Malmsteen

*Steve Vai

*Stevie Ray Vaughn



Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Yeah I don't know how I could of forgoten Angus Young he's amazing on the guitar, but Hoosier I don't know a lot of people on your list so I can't really comment on them.


In No Particular order
Kirk Hammet
James Hetfield
Joe Satriani
Stevie Vai
Eric Clapton
Jimmy Page
Eric Johnson
Eric clapton
Zakk Wylde
Johnny winter
Chuck Berry
David Gilmore
Brian May
John Frushanti
Tom Morello
Robby Krieger
Don Atello
Michel Angello
Klaus Mein
Frank Zappa
Daron Malakian
Dave Mustane
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