Best Gimmick of all time?


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Who do you believe has/had the best gimmick of all time?

There's no doubt in my opinion that Mr. Perfect had the best gimmick, he was a natural athelete, and if you watch at his old promos, like basketball, football, baseball anything related to sports, or even when he threw the towel behind is back and caught it, or when he spat his gum in the air and hit it, whatever he did was so easy for him to do and sell because he had the name Mr. Perfect.

There was a lot of great gimmicks out there, but none better then Curt Henning's Mr. Perfect in my opinion.


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Im not sure about All time, since I haven't watched wrestling that long:lol:

Best gimmick lately has got to be CM punk. Think about it.

Straightedge CM Punk has Kicked ass in ROH, WWE and TNA. ROH mainly :D

Nothing beats Straightedge CM punk
Mr. Perfect was great, The Undertaker is good, and... ugh... CM Punk has a gimmick? I thought that was just good ol Phil being himself. :D

I'm going with Paul Burchill's pirate gimmick. I was/am in the crazy about sea fighting men, and that was a great gimmick to bring to the WWE. To bad Vince decided to cut it short and end it. :mad:


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As everyone said, the Undertaker.

The..the..I can't remember but I'll remember by the end of this post..his group was the best back in the day with Viscera and Mineon..


told you I'd remember


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undertaker and Mankind would be favourites, but i'd have to say goldust as my overall favourite. I just thought he was absolutely hilarious.


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Come on Vilky Paul Burchill as the pirate, that gimmick was pretty lame if you ask me.

I have to agree with the ones that selected Undertaker, his Phenom gimmick was amazing and still is. That's why I rank Mr. Perfect 1A and Undertaker 1B.


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haha the pirate gimmick lasted all of, what, 6 months before Vince realized how stupid it was? Although with that I said I actually did find Burchill and Regal's interactions kinda funny during that timeframe.
Paul got a huge pop when he was in the pirate gimmick and he got a good push, too. It only ended because Vince didn't consider that to be a "real looking" pirate (due to him not knowing about the PotC movies) he scraped it.

Doesn't matter if it lasted one week or a decade, I liked that gimmick. ;)