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Multi-Console Best Games of 2013


I know this is a couple months early, but 90% of the major games have been released and this place is DEAD. So why not? Haha. You can list games from any console, but only ones that have been RELEASED in 2013. No one gives a shit about the old games you decided to play this year. Haha.

What were the best games you played in 2013?

Here's my list...


Tomb Raider

I had my doubts when this was first announced. Thankfully I ignored them and bought this day one. A great game. Not an Uncharted clone like I had originally feared. ( And yes, I know... Uncharted was heavily inspired by the original Tomb Raider. It just took all that stuff and improved it a 100%) It had a great story, decent voice acting and excellent graphics. A great origin story for Lara Croft.


Grand Theft Auto V

Easily the best GTA game yet. I really enjoyed having the story split between three characters. Trevor was by far the best character, followed by Franklin and then Michael. It looked great, had some great missions and was just nice to have an enormous game area to run amok in again.


Batman: Arkham Origins

Another game I was very skeptical about. The first two Arkham games are some of the best ever made. But then I heard Rocksteady weren't making it, and that Conroy & Hamill wouldn't be voicing the leads. It didn't look good. WB Montreal hit a home run though. This easily lived up the the Arkham name. I'd say it was the second best of the series. Baker killed it as the Joker and Roger Craig Smith was a very good Batman.


BioShock Infinite

An incredible game. Duh. The story was awesome, the characters great and again, it looked fabulous. I think I've said it on here before, but I wasn't a huge fan of moving away from Rapture but I knew they had pretty much used that place up. Columbia might have been even better. Definitely a game I need to beat again in the near future.


The Last of Us

Proof that Naughty Dog owned this generation. A brutal, unforgiving story that gave new life to the tired post-apocalyptic/zombie story. Joel & Ellie's relationship was second to only Lee & Clementine's, from last year's Telltale's The Walking Dead. The story was exceptional, getting darker and more disturbing as it went along. All in all, almost a perfect game.​


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Nice list. Unfortunately I haven't played a single game from 2013 yet, but all of those except maybe Tomb Raider are games I've had my eye on, and I'd even be willing to try Tomb Raider since it seems to be so popular.


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I've gotten to see a little bit of GTA because Scoudrel owns it and I gotta say its pretty amazing.

I like the 3 character deal as well.


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Nice list. Unfortunately I haven't played a single game from 2013 yet, but all of those except maybe Tomb Raider are games I've had my eye on, and I'd even be willing to try Tomb Raider since it seems to be so popular.
That's funny, because Tomb Raider is the only one on that list that I've really played.

My list would look something like this, there aren't a whole lot of games from this year that I've played.

-Tomb Raider (PC)
-The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD (Wii U)
-Mass Effect 3 - Citadel DLC (PC)
-The Stanley Parable (PC)
-Civilization V - Brave New World (PC)

I found all of those games to be incredible in their own ways. Tomb Raider is just plain fun, it's not all that difficult (if you're good at solving puzzles) and it's got a great atmosphere that really fits.

Windwaker HD was a skeptical game for me at first, I wasn't sure if it really would be better than the original which I do not really care for. Turns out that Nintendo managed to fix everything that was wrong with the original game which really took this title to the next level.

Some of you might be shocked that I listed a DLC for ME3 as a game. This was just one mission/piece of the game but it was an astounding addition. This final DLC adds a lot to the game and can last for upwards of 6-8 hours if you play it correctly.

The Stanley Parable is a very recent release. It's frustrating, awesome, confusing, and unpredictable. It's technically classified as an exploration game. The more I play this game, the more it messes with my mind. I can only take so much of it at a time and I love it for that. :lol:

Brave New World is an expansion pack for the incredibly popular Civilization V game. If you haven't played the game then what I have to say here won't mean anything, let's just say that it's awesome.


I won't be able to make a proper list for a while. Because of Uni this has been a really slow year of gaming for me. I've hardly managed to play anything. I've finally finished all my assignments though so I'm finally trying to catch up on some games.


Honorable mentions:

Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut

A retro styled post-apocalyptic adventure game. If you only likes games that have great graphics, avoid this at all costs. Haha. You have to make sure your character sleeps and eats, all while avoiding zombie-like monsters and trying to figure out what happened. Surprisingly, it does have a few scares, even with the dated graphics. It's also somewhat short.

The Cave

An entertaining puzzle/platforming game I ran across on PSN. It looked fun and had received decent reviews. It was part of the free games section, so I gave it a shot. If you like games that are funny or challenging, I'd recommend this.

Metro: Last Light

One of the few horror games I would actually call scary. There are large sections where you're doing anything and everything just to survive. The setting is like a character of its own. If you're a fan of bleak horror games... this is something I'd recommend.​
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I'm going to mention these:

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Wii U)

Pokémon X (3DS XL)

Pikmin 3 (Wii U)