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Best. Game. Series. Ever! Semifinals Round 1

Final Fantasy vs. Resident Evil

  • Final Fantasy

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  • Resident Evil

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Registered Member
Round 1.
This one is so easy. I gotta say Final Fantasy. The FF series got at least 2 games that are in the top 100 off all time. FF7 and FF8

I didn't like Resident Evil 4 either. It's so overrated imo. I still gotta fight the second boss.


For a Free Scotland
Final Fantasy has aged far better than Resident Evil, and still remains the top series in the RPG genre, which is much more competitive than RE's survival horror.


Aw, Here It Goes!
Ima go with Final Fantasy I just think its a better game overall. Resident Evil is a great series but I dont think it stacks up to FF.


Problematic Shitlord
This was way too close for me . . . I really love both series and I'm an avid fan, but I guess I'm more of an action fan. Final Fantasy seems to have gotten a bit stale, hopefull XII will be good.

Resident Evil.


Registered Member
Final Fantasy is declared the winner.