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Best. Game. Series. Ever! Quaterfinals Round 1

Metal Gear Solid vs. Final Fantasy

  • Metal Gear Solid

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  • Final Fantasy

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Registered Member
Round 1.


Problematic Shitlord
Metal Gear still sucks. Final Fantasy games have better storylines, more character depth and development and a wider variety of gameplay.

Final Fantasy for the win.


For a Free Scotland
MGS hasn't been able to establish itself as the top stealth-action game (compared to Splinter Cell and others), while FF clearly is the best RPG series ever made. Due to that, I give Final Fantasy my vote.



Both are amazing game series, but I have to go with Final Fantasy.

Metal Gear has a problem with the stories being hard to follow, and even flat out rediculous in some points. That is a problem that Final Fantasy does a nice job of avoiding for the most part.

Also, that Metal Gear games keep using the same characters limits the story in my view. Each Final Fantasy game has new charcters which lets it stay fresh.


Registered Member
Final Fantasy is declared the winner.