Best Full PC Cloud Backup Options


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Do you use any automatic service to backup your computer to the cloud? If so, what one(s) have you used and what do you like about them? If not, would you be risking real trouble if your computer crashed or would it be no big deal to you?

I use two programs on the same computer to be extra safe, Carbonote and Crash Plan. Both are fully automated and work in the background. Both also allow unlimited storage and I can restore individual files as necessary.

I lost an important hard drive many years ago and it was a devastating blow. Ever since then I have been cautious to always have a backup plan, pun intended. :)


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I am not a fan of cloud services. I use them and I'm a network engineer, so I have to deal wtih them. I don't sell, so I cannot speak to price.

CrashPlan seems to be pretty good. Hated Intronis. Backup great, restore, not so much.

My issue with the cloud is No Internet = No Files

If you think about it, paying $20 a month, is almost $250 a year. Invest that in a good backup device, or better yet, 2 backup devices.

First, get a small, portable USB drive that doesn't need a power cable (low power enough to use the USB port for power) - This is a backup you can use and carry with you. Very important. They make nice ones that are armored and can take a fall - best choice and not expensive at all. You can get a TB for $50 or less. I think I paid $70 for a 2 TB version.

THen buy a small NAS (network attached storage) - this is a hard drive or series of hard drives connected with a network card.

Then religously copy your data to the network device. Copy it also to the portable one and then if either fails, you still have your files, or most of them.

Hard drives die. Your computer dies and you plug your backup into the new computer - BLAM, power outage takes out your backup drive. You have no files.

Most people will not learn the lesson until they lose some precious data. I lost a few hundred hours of audio clips I had made or collected because my backup didn't include the windows\media folder where I decided to store them so they were easy to find when making audio themes.

The computer died and my backups didn't include that folder.