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Best Friends


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I guess this can fall under relationships.

Are you one of those people who has had the same "best friend" since you first started school, or do you change your "best friend" as you change yourself as a person?

For me, i've had so many people that at one point or another i've classified as my best friend. Throughout school I seemed to change who I considered my best friend almost yearly before we out grew each other. Since i've left school though, I have the same main core of friends (unfortunately scattered all across the globe). I'm not sure i'd even say I have a best friend right now, but I do have a group of close friends that I trust equally.


It's not me, it's you.
I tend to gravitate towards people who are open minded. Unfortunately, I don't consider friends that live close to me to be in that category, necessarily. The last two years my best friends have actually been from this site.

I did have the same 2 best friends in jr. high and high school when I was growing up. I still randomly communicate with them, and still sometimes meet up...but we have grown apart. They have their own families now and are busy.


Haters gonna hate.
My best friends (oddly enough almost all women) share the same interests as myself (good music, gaming, socializing) and I appreciate that. Sadly, I have only called them my 'besties' since halfway through my sophomore year in high school. Things were rough for me then, and they came in and saved the day. That was 4 years ago!


I've had many close friends through years, since high-school until now. I have changed many of them from then on and I used to consider a few of them as "best friend". Now, I don't consider anyone a best friend, just a "close friend". I now realize that none of the "best" friends I've had, didn't deserve to be called the best.
I don't think I'll ever have any best friend, just a close one.


Sultan of Swat
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I don't talk to people from High School anymore, and I don't talk to my former best friends from Grade School anymore.

My real best friend as always been my brother for obvious reasons. Right now, I have four "best friends" not including my brother. These guys I can count on, and I've only known them for about seven years. I always go on trips with them, I go out often with them, they're just my type of people.

So to answer the OP, no I have not always had the same best friend(that's if I don't count my brother)


still nobody's bitch
I don't have a bff from childhood, no. I have several close friends, but only a couple of them live near me. Most of my really good friends I've met online.

My sister should get a mention here because we've always been really close and she's the person with whom I spend the most time, but she's not as accessible to me as most of my friends are. She's too busy so I can't always go to her when something is going on with me and I need someone to talk to.


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I don't specifically have someone I would call my best friend. I have a lot of close friends but I can't really single out one specific person.

The friends that are still my friends I choose to keep...I have kind of separated myself from the ones who weren't good people haha
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Embrace the Suck
I still speak to my best friends from high school but not very often. We keep in touch and hang out every now and then but that's pretty much it. I have three friends of mine that I met in college and us four still are very close. They've been my best friends for years now.


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I don't have the same one from high school but still do talk to her. She was also my girlfriend for a while but it didn't mess up the friendship at all. Now I have two best friends but rarely see them since both live out of state. I have known them about four years and met them both online.


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Yes, through junior high I had a best friend. But not through high school. We lost touch right away. Later at age 17 I had a best friend from work for about 6 years, but we are no longer in touch. Since my mid 20s I would say that I haven't had a best friend. Maybe it's just a young person phenomenon? Friendship is a funny thing. With expectations, disappointments, life phases, philosophies, priorities, awareness, generosity, egos, sensitivities and such, I find I get pickier and pickier with whom I spend my time with. Some people glide through with ease and seem content. I take it very seriously and work hard at being a good friend. But I don't and won't do it for just anyone.
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