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Best friend, Betrayal & Beyond


"Expect the unexpected"
So, the deed is done. Now you know. Your girl, or your boy, who you thought was your best friend, your road dog, your true blue, has shown his or her true colors leaving you standing looking stupid, hurt and betrayed in his or her dust. Now what? Once you go through the initial hurt, pain, suffering and all the other emotions that come with being deceived, it dawns on you that you have a decision to make. Do you allow this person to remain in your inner circle?

Are you ready to sever the tie? Do you want to forgive and move past this indiscretion and make an attempt to salvage the relationship? What would you do in this situation?


Is it about relationship between friends or lovers??

If it's about friends, I'll answer.

I can't put up with betrayals that come from anyone, especially from those who pretend/claim to be your friend.
When they betray you it means they never were your friend in the first place.
I can't put up with things like this and I don't think I'd forgive them.

I've been betrayed in the past, from a friend who seemed to be very close but then I found out she had been saying awful things behind my back.
I don't think I'd ever forgive her, or If I did .... I would never forget what she did to me. And this means I haven't forgiven her...for the simple fact that I have no reason to be her friend again. She is not part of my "attraction" anymore and I've put her on my ignore list...because with what she did, I don't want to think/care about her.
I don't see any point in becoming a friend with someone who has shown their true colors because someone who betrays in the first place, is likely to do it again to you or anyone else.
Things can't be the same as they were. It doesn't make sense acting like nothing happened.

From experience I can say, I'd never keep that person in my inner cycle anymore.


"Expect the unexpected"
Is it about relationship between friends or lovers??
I am talking about betrayal as it relates to both types of relationships;friends and lovers. I believe that betrayal of any kind or nature hurts. So whatever the cause,however it happens, you still have to decide on a course of action.


Registered Member
As for friendships- I would move on. I don't need people like that in my life.
Relationships- it depends. If you have children together then it's probably pretty important to find a way to at least be civil to one another. If not, I would likely just move on.

I just personally don't have a place in my life for liars and manipulators.


The Hierophant
It really all depends on the situation.

If it were my girlfriend and she deceived me by saying she was going to go to the store and instead went over to her friends house for the next few hours, I'd probably respond differently than if she cheated on me. But it really all depends on how she would have deceived me.

However, if it were just my friend that deceived me in just about any way, I'd more than likely be able to forgive them and move on even if they were trash talking me behind my back. Granted, it'd absolutely change the dynamics of our relationship, I really don't think it'd sever anything dramatic.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Yeah it would be a case to case basis. In general though, while I'm more demanding (to not hurt me) from my friends especially the closer they are to me, I also am more likely to eat my pride and take them back in my life if I see that they're truly sorrowful for what they've done.


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No matter who it is, I don't take betrayal lightly. I will forgive but I won't allow you back into my life the same way, if at all; just depends on what you did to betray my trust.