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Best Franchises 2006


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I was reading an article on Entrepreneur.com and came across one about the best franchises of 2006.

Interestingly enough, Subway Restaurants was ranked #1.


I was reading some more, and even more intriguing was the fact that the franchise fee is only $12.5K, a bargain compaired to #1 franchise (in total sold) McDonalds, which costs $45K.

Subway: http://www.entrepreneur.com/franzone/details/1,5885,12-12---282839-1,00.html?section=costs

McDonalds: http://www.entrepreneur.com/franzone/details/1,5885,12-12---282570-1,00.html?section=costs

All in all, if anybody is looking at starting a restaurant, Subway could be the way to go.