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Movies Best Films Based on Books


I recently watched Mystic River and got to thinking about this topic.

What movie based on a book would you consider the best?

I'll have to give it a little more though but Mystic River is definitely in the top 3.


Well-Known Member
Mystic River, that's a movie I've not seen in a long time. It was so incredible though.

How related on a book are we talking here?

I could answer Lord of the Rings quite easily and without question but that's also not 100% accurate to the book. There are certain things about the story (including major events) that were changed to adapt the story to the big screen.


As close to the book as it can get. If it cuts a few things, that's fine, that's a necessity to get something from 350+ pages down to a couple of hours. But if they are changing major events or characters, then I probably wouldn't count it. Then again, that's just my take on it. Haha.
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