Best fight you've ever seen?

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by Babe_Ruth, Jul 24, 2008.

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    There's been a lot of great fights in the history of the NHL. I was curious to know which one is your favorite?

    For me it as to be Bob Probert vs Craig Coxe, not the first one but the second one. Even though Coxe landed some good punches, I still believe that Probert one this fight. There's probably a better fight out there, but to me this is one of the best ones.

    YouTube - Bob Probert vs Craig Coxe Round 2


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    I'm not sure if you mean one on one fight, but I still decided to post the following because IMO it as to best the "team fights" ever. I'm sure a lot of people seen this before because it's one of the biggest NHL fights ever.


    YouTube - Unbelievable Hockey Fight
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    Wow that's a hell of a fight Bullies, that guy Tasker was pounding that Trevor guy, I've never seen that fight and I'm glad you showed it to me, it's very entertaining. It would be cool to see that Tasker guy against Probert. But I still believe Probert would destroy him.
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    Yeh man, Tasker Vs Senn is a must-see for all hockey fight fans, it's just a pure classic and a tribute to the old-time brawlers that swung for the stars. And it ended like a all great fights shoujld, it wasn't any hang on for dear life ending, it ended with a knockdown punch in true brawler fashion.

    I'll post some more classics later on when I get on my usual computer, because youtube isn't working on the one I am on.
  7. Babe_Ruth

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    I cant wait to see them, I'm sure you have more beauties since your from a hockeyfight forums. That fight that you showed before was simply nuts hopefully the other ones will be just as good.

    If you have any good Bob Probert fights, dont be shy to show them to us.
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    For Probert has many great fights against Coxe, McSorley, Domi and Berube.

    Reid Simpson vs Marty McSorley
    YouTube - marty mcsorley vs reid simpson
    A perfect fight to me, had a strategy+open punching
    and also long maratonbattle.
    R.Simpson with the edge/narrow win.

    Ken Baumgartner(who was a great student) vs Craig Coxe(Toe to toe man)
    YouTube - baumgartner vs coxe
    like in the school Bomber used his brain always in his fights to winning his opponent but not at this time.
    A great and close scrap, no winner.
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    Actually PF, I am pretty sure that fight you posted was Domi and Probert's 2nd bout.

    Besides the famous Probert/Coxe bout, my favorite Probie bout was his 1994 bout with Marty McSorley when he was with the Penguins:

    YouTube - McSorley vs Probert Feb 4, 1994

    Also, one of the better bouts from last season, although I am sure most of you have seen this one was between Riley Cote and Shawn Thornton, their first bout last season:

    YouTube - Shawn Thornton vs. Riley Cote
    Here are a couple of smaller brawlers who can take a punch with the best of them. This one's a real classic, stock never ceased to amaze.

    Stephen Peat Vs. P.J. Stock

    YouTube - Peat vs Stock Jan 5, 2002
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