Best feeling in life?


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Right then, I'm Tim, 23 years old & British. Favourite sport is football :cool: and there's a month of pizza eating ahead. But no, obviously that's not my favourite feeling in life. It was when my daughter, three years old, told me she loved me for the first time. Sweeeeet. Anyone going to top that?


The feeling of your favorite song;
The feeling of waking up from a beautiful dream;
The feeling when you like what you eat;
The feeling when someone caresses your hair or skin;
The feeling when you sing;
The feeling when you see a dog.


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Seeing as how I'm infertile, I'll never be able to experience that. Thanks for reminding me that I'll never be able to experience the best feeling in life.

No, but really, I don't actually care about having kids or even hearing my hypothetical children say that they love me. I'd say that the best feeling for me, thus far, has been bringing people back from the dead. I used to be a paramedic and every so often I'd get a call of a person that over dosed on heroin and I'd give them a shot of Narcan. BOOM! They'd come straight back to life and actually get violent. But to go from seeing them have an asystolic heart rate to combatively alive is such an amazing feeling. I was also granted the opportunity to deliver a baby. That was pretty cool, too.


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Feelings you have when you make someone's life you do not even know a little better and see this in their face. :)