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Best Face/Heel Turn Since Wrestlemania 25


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Face Turns:
John Morrison
Randy Orton

Heel Turns:
CM Punk

Can't think of anyone else. If you guys have any idea, type it down. I think CM Punk had the best heel turn because the rivalry between he and Jeff was effective slowly turning punk into this monster which we see now. Randy Orton has the best face turn.


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Believe it or not, I'm giving the best face turn to Edge. Those of you who know me well enough know that my favorite face turn is obviously Orton's. That being said, it's been kind of recent and due to the fans. There's a lot more depth to Edge's face turn and it's going really, really well. He's hilarious, intense, and the fans love it.

For the best heel turn, it has to be Punk. Punk is the best heel in the industry right now, IMHO. The guy rules. Not to take away from Jericho as a heel, but Punk's angle on it is just new and refreshing. I hope the SES lasts a very long time.


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I'd give Punk the best heel turn, man he's so damn annoying, and what's funny is that he's doing a very good job of pissing the fans off with his preacher style gimmick haha.

Face turn?

I'd probably choose Edge, and even though he's been well established for a while, I don't find his as epic as Randys face turn as of late.