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Best eBay phisher ever!


Registered Member
I got two of these yesterday. The subject line was "This is from eBay! You better open!"

Do you think it's legit? :lol:


Secret Agent
Staff member
I'd suggest opening it right away! :D IT'S FROM EBAY! :)

Yeah some of them are really stupid. But really, ALL of them are stupid. The penalty for such a crime is insane, and usually includes 10+ years in prison with ZERO computer access.

That's not a very fun scenario if you ask me...


New Member
The problem is that so many of the phishers are overseas so they will never be prosecuted. They just keep skulking around looking for someone else to scam.

I think ISP's need to make people sign off on information sheets about these places. LOL Then maybe fewer "newbies" would get ripped off.


Registered Member
Yes, no matter what the penalty, the majority will never face anything. Getting an annonymous email address is even easier overseas than it is here. Most of the phishers don't have their own ISP address, either.


Registered Member
Brother! You'd think these people would *get a clue*!!! Ugh.


Registered Member
I'm not even sure exactly how it makes them money. So they get your ebay username and password... where does it go from there that they end up with cash?

I'm dense. Someone walk me through it.


Registered Member
When many of these phishers get a person's eBay username and password, they can go into their account and setup auctions for stuff that doesn't even exist. After that stuff has been bid on, then the phisher sends them an email letting them know where to send the payment, usually by money order, because once the money order is cashed there is no way to get the money back.

Sometimes the phishers scam is not caught until after the buyer contacts the seller and wants to know where their item is. Buy then the phisher is gone and so is the money.

Or the phisher may use the eBay account to purchase legititmate merchandise and pay for it with stolen credit cards or stolen Paypal accounts, have the item shipped to an another address near when they live, track the shipment so they know when it will arrive. When it does arrive, go the place that it is delivered to pick it up and then return home and the trail to find them will go cold, because the item was delivered to their actual address.


Registered Member
Yeah, I got one of those evil emails claiming to be from Paypal-- that my account information needed to be updated. It really made me mad, actually. I immediately reported it as Spam, but I didn't know what else I could do.