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Best Dunkers...


Aw, Here It Goes!
Who do you think are the best dunkers in these catagories:

Best Tip Dunker: Dominique Wilkins(Just look at he highlight flim half of the are tip dunks that he absolutly kills.)

Best in Game Dunker: Vince Carter(Extremley explosive no telling what he was going to do in a game.)

Best Power Dunker: Shawn Kemp(He was just a beast, he was big and strong just about unstoppable.)

Best Finess Dunker: Clyde Drexler(They didnt call him "the Glide" for nothing, I was going to say Dr. J, but I felt Clyde's dunks were smoother.)

Most Creative Dunker: Vince Carter(The 2000 Dunk contest was a showcase for VC's insane abilities and creativity.)

Best Overall Dunker: Vince Carter(Im not sure there is a dunk that he can not do, he is a freak of nature.)


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Best Tip in Dunker: Shaquille O'neal basically all his dunks are from tip ins, and he has destroyed backboards and rims.

Best in game dunker: Vince Carter There's over 200 dunks that prove my answer

Best Power dunker: I would have to go with Shaq once again and Darryl Dawkins, both of them shattered backboards.

Best Finesse Dunkers: Michael Jordan he revotulionize the dunk for what it is today.

Best creative dunker: Vince Carter, just like Fresh said look at the 2000 Slam Dunk competetion

Best Overall dunker. Vince Carter, he has proved every year since he entered the league that he's the best in the dunking business, he always have three top 10 dunks at the end of year, and those are in the top four so that's saying something.


Registered Member
Best put-back dunker: Nique for quality, Shaq for quantity
Best in-game dunker: Vince
Best power dunker: Darryl Dawkins
Best finesse dunker: Carter (Jordan wasn't as powerful a dunker as Vince so you could use that logic to call him the best finesse dunker, but Carter looks amazing dunking any way he wants, powerful or fancy.)
Most creative dunker: Look at how easily Vince pulls off a statue of liberty 360 even when the play is over and he's just fooling around. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dctgkA2Lec&mode=related&search=
Best overall dunker: duh..
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