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Best Dunker of all time in the NBA

Defintely VC, but he isn't a fierce dunker anymore. He used to do amazing dunks, when open, but now not as much. When J-Rich isn't injured, his dunks are pretty close to what Carter did. Of course back then Carter was a machine, and that's when you couldn't compare him to anyone.
VC is still one of the better dunkers in the league. I see that you wrote this on Jan. 7. I think that you haven't seen his poster on Nocioni when you wrote this.

The best dunker of alltime is Vince Carter. The only dude to have ever done an elbow in the rim ingame in a regular season game. I can't find the video but he didn't hang on the rim.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Some say that Carter ain't the best dunker anymore, well I would have to disagree, because he always does this one dunk every game that say to yourself he still got it, and how the heck did he ever do that. Also I am almost 100% sure that he's going to make you say that at the All Star, I am sure he's going to have a couple of jaw dropping dunks in the game, cannot wait.


Vince Carter hands down, the 2000 dunk contest is among the most memorable moments in NBA history. Who would've thought of doing the things he has done (his hand through the rim?)
And in terms of in game dunking, 2 words: Frederic Weis.


im ganna have to go with vince carter too.....he is an amazing dunker and he has like a 45 inch vertical. d

did anyone see the 66inch vertical jump that someone did in you tube??.....mad HOPS

Celtic Fan

Y'all are either losing your memory or too young.

Jordan is still the best dunker of all time.
go to youtube sometime. check him out.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Michael Jordan was a great dunker. The things he could create on the Basketball court was art. But I still think that if you compare the dunks that VC could do compare to the dunks that MJ could do Vince Carter is on the top of the thrown.
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