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Best Dunker of all time in the NBA


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Jordan wasn't a flashy dunker at the end of is career, yes he could still throw them down but he wasn't always a power dunker. He was mostly a dominant dunker at the beggining of his career, he made you jump out of your seat and ask yourself did he just do that? Well I believe Carter dunking abilities are not the same when he first joined the Toronto Raptors, but he still makes people say "Oh my God, did you see that dunk?" So when Carter's career is over, I will still say that Carter was the best dunker of all time.


Aw, Here It Goes!
Vince I dont know if you named him or not, but is the guy your talking about who didnt make it to the NBA Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell? Dont know if you posted it or not.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
No I didn't mention because he's not in the NBA, but I believe he is the best dunker in the world or at least not in the NBA or playing professionally somewhere. He has dunked over cars, he has dunk over a car with a bike on top, if you haven't heard of him, look for highlights he's a sick dunker, I will even admit he's better then Vince Carter, but it would be insane to see them go head to head.


vince carter.
michael jordan.

there are other players that r also outstanding but there not in the level of vc and mj.


hmm in the NBA, probably vince carter..... him or one of these new guys, like james white, although im not too sure james white is even in the nba, last time i checked he got traded..... oh and gerald green too, those guys come to mind when thinking of the crazy dunks.... not just great but down right crazy


Defintely VC, but he isn't a fierce dunker anymore. He used to do amazing dunks, when open, but now not as much. When J-Rich isn't injured, his dunks are pretty close to what Carter did. Of course back then Carter was a machine, and that's when you couldn't compare him to anyone.


Registered Member
As much as I hate Carter, I have to say he's the best dunker in the NBA ever. The way he moves the ball in the air is so quick and smooth, his body never gets out of control, and he slams it down with power.


JAMES WHITE BABY! He got drafted by the pacers...got cut. Now is with the Spurs D-League team.
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