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    Some of you probably do read Slam magazine and on one of their latest issues they debated which draft was the best. They said that 1996 was the best here's a few players from that list

    -Allen Iveson
    -Marcus Camby
    -Kobe Bryant
    -Stephon Marbury
    -Ray Allen
    -Peja Stojakovic
    -Steve Nash and others

    Here's the Draft that I think was the best


    -LeBron James
    -Carmelo Anthony
    -Dwayane Wade
    -Chris Bosh
    -Kirk Hinirich
    -T.J Ford
    -Mikael Pietrus(if he gets playing time he wil become a stud)
    -Boris Diaw
    -David West and others

    What do you think is the best draft of all time?

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