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Best defensive player in the league


The return shall be legenday!
With guys like Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher calling it quits there's going to be new names coming up as great defenders, and some regular household names. If you had to pick the best defender in the NFL who would it be? And why?


New Member
If darrelle revis comes back healthy it's him, if not then JJ Watt. Two guys that completely alter an offenses game plan by themselves


New Member
I have to go with Watt. Revis a solid option too.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
May be a bias pick here, but I'm going with DeMarcus Ware. Last year he was injured and still had a great season. And, when he's healthy he's just a beast. Can't wait to see what he does this season.


New Member
It's JJ Watt with Von Miller or Patrick Willis coming in second.
I'll have to go with JJ Watt. This guy is amazing and is the single reason why I picked the Texans' defense in my NFL fantasy league this year.


Registered Member
JJ Watt or DeMarcus Ware. Take your pick.

Not only that, but they impact the game the most on that side of the ball. Aldon Smith is just a notch below those two.