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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by Mirage, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    What's the best deal you've gotten on an item on eBay? Mine would probably have to be some computer stuff I bought over the years. I don't remember exactly which purchase was the best deal but I've definitely had some good deals. :D

  2. Melos

    Melos Registered Member

    I used to have a nifty little way of searching for ebay auctions where the title was mispelled. I got a decent digital 'camrea' (camera) that retailed at about $225.00 for only $75.00 plus shipping. No one else bid on it, because they couldn't find it :)
  3. Plumley

    Plumley Registered Member

    I love antique jewelry and over the years have gotten some wonderful deals. I used to expect to pay about 1/3 of retail. That was back in the good old days, though. Although you can still get things for less than retail it's hard to find killer deals any more.
  4. technoflutemom

    technoflutemom Registered Member

    I won a lot of cashmere wool for a remarkably reasonable price, about 25% what it would have gone for at a yarn shop. Several people reclaim the yarn from old sweaters, wash it and respool it. Not only to you get to recycle, but you get luxury yarns for cheap.
  5. palefrost

    palefrost Registered Member

    Best deal was when the seller didnt send me the pillow i bought so i left him bad feed back after i waited a month for the item to arrive. He got very upset and asked if i would remove it if he sent two pillows and a refund. I didnt respond and he sent the two pillows and paypal gave me the refund.:lol: The pillows were this special hypoallergenic type that ran about 40 bucks each if your lucky.
  6. Penguin

    Penguin Registered Member

    I'm not sure what the best deal was. One of the ones I like to remember is when I accidentally won a pair of overalls for my daughter for 45 cents! They were like new! I bid 45 cents thinking surely someone else would want them and pay a dollar .... but nobody did! :lol:
  7. sbarber77

    sbarber77 Registered Member

    Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories books. They haven't all come cheap but I think it is the best deal because I can't find them anywhere else. I've scoured second hand book stores all over the closest city to me to no avail. I have started buying them on ebay and am trying to get the ten volume set.
  8. Chandra

    Chandra New Member

    Well, back "in the day" I won several auctions for cloth diapers for one penny or may 25 cents. Shipping was added, of course, but it still worked out as less than buying the diaper new. I had a little one who was allergic to disposables so the cloth diaper deals were important.

    Now you practically pay retail for them *and* you pay shipping on top of that.

    Oh, I once won an auction for a vintage Star Wars action figure when they were the hot thing. A misspelling or something caused everyone to pass over it. I found it through looking at a seller's "other items for sale" and won it for 99 cents and free shipping. My brother had a very nice Christmas present that year.
  9. Plumley

    Plumley Registered Member

    The question about combined shipping in another thread reminded me of this. I once went to eBay looking for a particular piece of software that I really, really wanted and a green silk shirt. I'd been looking for the software for weeks, without much luck, so I searched for the shirt first. I found just what I wanted and then checked the seller's other items, actually looking for another shirt. She didn't have one, but she did have the software, and at a wonderful price. I got both items and was thrilled.
  10. ninikins

    ninikins Registered Member

    My last buy was a pair of nice new jeans for $4.

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