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Other than movies like Old school and Animal house what you say is a great college comedy?


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LOL those are the 2 that came to mind when I read the thread. I guess it's hard to make a college movie that isn't even funny so I'll instantly think of the classics.

PCU. Which is kind of in the spirit of animal house.

Rules of Attraction isn't a comedy exactly, but I thought it was funny as hell.


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I just remebred..

Not Another Teenage Movie

non stop humor in that movie for me.
That's not a college movie though. I thought it was hilarious, but it's a high school movie.


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How about some of the American Pies?.. Maybe the college comedies werent as funny as the original HS school related one..


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Accepted is another college movie... but not exactly the greatest of all time though.
I'd give it a D. Passing, barely. The guys from Knocked up and Super Bad is funny as hell though. Drom Daze is along the same caliber of college comedy.

*The Rules of Attraction was on it is listed as Comedy-Drama. I wasn't aware of the category so now I know.


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Superbad is by far the funniest of them all, not named Animal House of course. I remember watching this movie at the theaters and I couldn't stop laughing, it was just so funny, I saw it two weeks later and it was even funnier because I laughed so much the first time I miss some parts.