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Best College Basketball Coach?


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In your opinion who fills these fields?

Best recruiter: John Calipari for me, but you can make arguments for Roy Williams and Billy Donavan

Best Game Coach: Tom Izzo, a lot of times he got further in March Madness with less impressive teams then the big guns.

Best Overall: Coach K. His record speaks for itself.
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Best recruiters - I'd say John Calipari, Bill Self, and Thad Matta. You could throw Rick Barnes and Bruce Pearl in there, too. Calipari definitely gets the most talent, but a lot of his recruits are one-and-done guys and I'm not sure that's great for a program, but hey, they have a chance to win the title this year.

Best game coach - Tom Izzo, Brad Stevens, Roy Williams, Coach K. These guys really know how to manage their teams in game situations and have great records in tournament time.

Best overall - It's hard to measure this. I think it could be almost anyone that I've mentioned.


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Recruiter - EASILY Thad Matta. I may not be a big OSU fan, but Thad can recruit with the best of them. He has had great classes recently.

Game coach - Coach K. His win/loss record proves it. He can win games.

Overall - Has to be Coach K. He can coach consistent, winning teams all of the time, and has historically been one of the best coaches in College BB.