Best boxing match of of all time?


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I was curious what was the best boxing match you've seen in your life time. It could be an old tape that you watch of a match that you weren't even born to witness it. Please give an explanation why that certain match is your favorite.


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Jack Dempsey vs Luis Angel Firpo.

In my view the best action fight ever.2 rounds.11 knockdowns in all.

In the first after putting Firpo down 7 times Dempsey gets caught with a right and goes threw the ropes,barely beats the count but regains focus and decks Firpo a few more times en route to the KO win.


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Ceasars Palace 1986.. Went to see this one..
First up Gaby Canizales takes the WBA Bantam strap from Richie Sandoval.. An all out war culminating in a brutal 7th round KO.. Next up, The Motor City Cobra, Thomas Hearns takes on rising star James 'Black Gold' Schuler.. This was coming off his KO defeat to Hagler in which he'd also broken his right hand.. There was huge interest in how he would come back..
Hearns came out like he was on a skateboard, & imediately started punishing Schuler to the body & head.. As Hearns backed him into a corner, schuler tried to throw a left hook & bang! Tommy unleashed the right with frightening speed.. Schuler was out for about 10 minutes! Tragicaly, Schuler was killed in a motorbike accident about 2 weeks later & Hearns gave the NAB belt he'd won to Schulers family as a gesture of good will.. He said that James had, had it longer than him..
The main event which followed was a real humbdinger.. Marvelous Marvin Hagler Vs John 'The Beast' Mugabe.. There was absolutely huge interest in this one.. The crowd were going wild with chants of The Beeeeeaast! & Haglaaar!..
Mugabe had been punching everthing in his dressing room & came into the ring snarling like a man possessed.. Hagler climed through, acknowledged the crowd & then openly laughed at the seething Mugabe.. The Beast had destroyed everyone in his path, & the main question was, could he go the distance.. He'd struggled a bit in his longest fight, an 8 round war with James 'Hard Rock' Green..
other than that, there was 18 1st round KO's in 26 outings.. It's fair to say, he was considered a real threat..
The fight itself, was absolutely spell binding with Hagler driving Mugabe all round the ring, & then Mugabe landing some haymakers & putting Marvin on the back foot.. He and Juan Dominingo Roldan were the only 2 of Haglers opponents, who I saw, that were strong enough to do this.. The fight see sawed like this for 11 rounds when suddenly, as if injected by morphine, Mugabe gassed, & Hagler nailed him with a combination, forcing a stoppage, with Mugabe out on his feet & only the ropes holding him up.. Hagler was the most marked I'd ever seen him that night, and admitted, the beast had given him one hell of a fight..