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Discussion in 'Advice Board' started by davidletterman, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. davidletterman

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    there are many cities i want to move to. i am young and i want to move out of my hometown after i finish school. Ive decided to live in a big city. i would want to live in Tokyo, Paris, London, Chicago, new york city, or Sydney. what im asking is, which one of these is best to live in, in terms of culture, music, jobs, living and working conditions etc. you could also suggest a city not on my list. thanks for reading!:)

  2. Vidic15

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    Melbourne is the place to be, our weather is awesome compared to the Shitney (Sydney) floods.
  3. Shooting_Palanx

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    Sydney most definitely.

    Why else would they hold Australian Idol in Sydney? lol.

    Our CBD pwns Melbourne anyways.

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