Best BEGINNER NLHE Poker Books & Dvd's

Please post your favorite Beginner/Novice Poker Books.

1. Phil Gordon's Green Book
Phil Gordon is a dork, but he can convey some basic thinking for a poker player who has never read a poker book before and only watched it on Tv and plays casually. He writes somewhat conversationally so it is an easy read for someone who doesn't like technical poker reading.

2. Phil Gordon's Blue Book
Phil Gordon is a dork, but his blue book helps a beginner start to understand how you should think at a poker table. It shows how to Mr. Gordon would play certain hands in certain situations, and has a "tip" after every hand. Again, it is fairly conversational and not technically saturated. I consider Phil's books "light" poker reads, but they are still very informative for the uninitiated.

3. Phil Gordon's Final Table Poker
Phil Gordon is a dork, but he managed to create a series of decent learning tools for the beginning player. If you don't want to read about poker and don't know what "domination" means - then Final Table Poker Dvd is for you. It puts you in the mind of Mr. Gordon at a final table, and is enjoyable if you really have no clue about NLHE tournament play. I played small tournaments with my friends for about a year before I watched this video and realized that I didn't really know what I was doing. My girlfriend enjoyed it too!

4. Sklansky's Theory of Poker
This is more technical stuff. If you want to understand poker itself, this is the place to go. It is not as practical in a play-by-play sense (for those seeking immediate gratification) but if you enjoy understanding the essence of things, then it will really open your eyes. I put it here under 'beginner book' because if you're serious then it should definitely be read, although it isn't as "light reading" as Mr. Gordon's stuff. If you just want to 'learn how to play" then move on to Intermediate Books.

Please post what books you think are the best NLHE BOOKS FOR BEGINNERS!
BTW, Phil Gordon is a dork.
For Tournament Play:

1. Harrington on Hold'em Volume I
If you've played a little hold'em and understand basics like position, domination, and reading the board, you should move on to Harringon's series of books. Volume I is a practical guide on how to play tournaments, combining both practical play by play and some mathematics.

2. Harrington on Hold'em Vol II.
A continuation of Volume I, it is a bit less exciting than Vol I but essential.
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For online play I would recommend the book Scott fishman wrote. I would recommend Super System for anyone that wants to get serious about poker. If you want to learn about the odds and the math of poker read a book by 'the mad genius' Mike Caro