Best baseball player of all time?


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Alright I want to get this section back on track. So I will start a few new threads.

I was curious who you guys thought was the best player of all time and why?

Personally I think it's Babe Ruth, the man could hit for average, finished his career with a lifetime batting average of .342, finished with 714 career home runs. His career slugging percentage was incredible .690. He was a hell of a pitcher, could of easily be known as one of the greatest pitchers of all time if he never moved in the outfield.

I believe is best year came in 1927 when he hit that remarkable 60 home runs, finished with 164 rbi's, he also mainted a .356 batting average. His slugging percentage was at a ridiculous .772, those numbers are unheard of this time of age.

So in your opinion who's the greatest baseball player of all time.


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If you know me from the hockey section you should know exactly what I look for in an Athlete. Passion and Fire, IMO thats what pro sports are all about. So when I think of the MLB the first player that comes to my mind is Nolan Ryan.

Ryan played in more seasons (27) than any other player in major league history. Ryan ranks first all-time in strikeouts (5,714), fewest hits allowed per nine innings (6.56), and no-hitters (7). He is also fifth in innings pitched (5,386), second in games started (773), seventh in shutouts (61) and is tied for 13th in wins (324). Opposing hitters hit only .204 against Ryan during his career, though they had a .309 on base percentage against him. Ryan had 15 or more strikeouts in a game 27 times, second only to Randy Johnson, who has 29.

Ryan also ranks high on the list for four "negative" records; he ranks first all-time in walks allowed (2,795), first in wild pitches (277), third in losses (292-- most in the "modern" era), and ninth in hit batters (158). Ryan is also one of two pitchers in MLB history to give up ten grand slam home runs, including one to Dann Howitt, the next-to-last batter Ryan faced in his career.

you cant tell me thats not a bad ass player if there ever was one! All or nuthin, good and bad. Nolan Ryan leads them all!


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Ty Cobb.

#1 all time in batting average .367
#2 all time in hits with 4,191 - Rose is #1 with 4,256 but he had 2,624 more at bats.
#2 all time in triples with 297
#2 all time in runs scored 2,245
#4 all time in doubles with 723.
#4 all time in steals with 892
#5 all time in total bases with 5,859
#7 all time in rbis with 1,938. He only hit 117 homeruns. That's a plus 1,821. He drove in his runs the old fashion way.
#7 all time in in base percentage with .424

*Struck out a measly "357" times in 11,429 at bats. That's 1 out of every 32 at bats. That's sick!
*Won 12 batting titles.
*Hit over .300 for 23 straight seasons
*Hit over .400 three times
*Is MLB's only quadruple crown winner. In 1909 he led the majors in home runs, rbi's, average, and stolen bases.
*Most historians have stated Cobb would have won no less than 17 gold gloves had the award existed.
*Received 222 hall of fame votes out of 226.

The sad thing about Cobb was he was hated by just about the entire baseball world for his mean, ill mannered, and violent acts on and off the field.

Not taking anything from the Babe who was not only a icon but loved and adored by children but his numbers just don't come close to Cobb's overall.
Barry Lamar Bonds

7-time MVP is the all-time Home Run King with Major League-record 762 career home runs...has established San Francisco-era records with .314 avg. and 586 clouts in Giants uniform, while he ranks 2nd in club's West Coast annals with 1,420 RBI...owns baseball's single-season records for home runs (73 in 2001), walks (232 in '04), intentional walks (120 in '04), on-base pct. (.609 in '04), slugging pct. (.863 in '01), HR ratio (6.52 in '01) and HR pct. (12.06 in '04)...has Major League career records with 13-consecutive 30-HR seasons, 14 campaigns with 100-or-more walks, 2,558 lifetime bases on balls and 688 intentional walks...has also matched his late father, Bobby, for ML record with 5 different 30 HR/30 SB 1 of 4 players (joining Jose Canseco, Alex Rodriguez and Alfonso Soriano), to reach 40-40 plateau with his 1996 output...has posted NL-record 12 seasons with at least 100 RBI, and has matched Aaron with 8 different 40-HR campaigns...2007 marked his 19th season with at least 20 clouts...only Aaron (20) reached 20-HR plateau more 1 of 7 players in Major League history to reach base 5,000 times, reaching safely 5,599 times via hit, walk and hit-by-pitch, trailing only Pete Rose (5,929 times) for most all-time...14-time All-Star and lone member of baseball's 500 homer/500 steal club, ranks 2nd all-time for extra-base hits (1,398), 5th for RBI (1,930), 6th for slugging pct. (.608), 6th for total bases (5,784), 6th for runs (2,152), 14th for doubles (587) and 33rd for steals (509)...has also homered off ML-record 452 different pitchers, while ranking 2nd with 70 multi-clout contests... is oldest player to ever to win MVP award (40 years old in 2004), capture batting title (40 in 2004) and hit 20 HRs in season (43 in 2007)
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I'm sticking with Ruth, his offensive skill, hitting and at the same time hitting with power over a whole career is unmatched. One has to wonder what would his offensive numbers be had he not been a pitcher and batting only every 4th or 5th day in his first 4 seasons 1914-1914 and then a part time pitcher/position player his 5th and 6th seasons 1918-1919.
His career stats after his first 6 seasons in MLB 1914-1919.
Home runs----49
Not a very good start, his career already one quarter over after 1919. Even with that poor start he in only one of 3 hitters to hit 700+ home runs.
He is the only hitter to total 2000 or more in walks-runs-RBIs and and in many less plate appearances and at bats. Thats what really sets him apart from the rest, any of those ahead of him needed at least 1400+ more at bats and some 2000+ more at bats.

In 1923 he was only 4 hits short of batting .400.
In 1916 as a picher he had what many called a Cy Young year had that award been aound then.
In 1917 he pitched a one hitter against the best hitting team in the AL the Tigers. The only hit a drive off of Ruth's leg in the 8th inning, picked up by the shortstop but the runner beat the throw.
Is this real talent, one man, the same player just misses a .400 season, has a Cy Yong year and just misses a no-hitter.

In the years as a pitcher only 1915-16-17 he is the best left hander in the game. Over those 3 seasons there are only two pitchers better than him and they are right handers and two of the greatest ever, Walter Johnson and Grover Alexander. Ruth's average hits/9 Inn pitched over those 3 seasons is lower than all pitchers including those two greats. Nine times he faces off against the great Walter Johnson, six times Ruth comes out on top. He pitches for a better team but still had to be on top of his game, 3 of his wins over Johnson are by 1-0 scores.
May 9, 1918 Johnson comes in relief in the 9th inning and picks up a win over Babe Ruth, 4-3.
Ruth pitches the whole 10 innings in a tough loss. Add to that in that game Babe the pitcher was 5 for 5, a single, 3 doubles and a triple and loses the game.

He is one of 3 hitters to hit 50 or more home runs in a season, Sosa and McGwire the other two.
In 1930 twice in that season Ruth clears the wall at Shibe Park and hits speaker supports robbing him of two home runs. That season he hit 49, he could have been the only player with 5 seasons with 50 or more.
He has the 5th highest career batting average and he is second to only McGwire in AB/HR ratio, mac at 10.61 and Ruth at 11.76. That includes Babe's first 6 seasons in the dead ball era, facing trick deliveries, dead ball and hitting a ball that was left in the game for many innings
The point is no one is as high as him in both career batting average and AB/HR ratio, no hitter close to him as a combo hitter/slugger.

Only three left handed pitchers in modern times with more shutouts in a season than his 9 in 1916.
Only one left hander in the AL with a lower ERA than his 1.75 in 1916. Ron Guidry with 1.74 in 1978. Ruth pitched 323 innings to Guidry's 273 innings.

.690 slugging career, no one close. Put up .690 in only one season and that might lead the league.

1921, 119 EBH's---457 total bases--177 runs scored, still not matched after all these years. That 177 runs scored was put up before Gehrig followed him in the batting order.

All of the above and no need to post what most of us are already aware of, all his offensive seasonal and career stats, no one like him, all kinds of talent, he has no match.
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#1 is Ruth, almost beyond question, in my mind.

The next best players, not named Ruth, in no particular order, in my mind are: Mays, Cobb, Wagner and Josh Gibson.