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Best Band of all time Debate - read carefully


Registered Member
When I say debate I dont mean lets see who the best band of all time is in your opinion. Rather, Im looking for your opinion on whether or not the best band (based on poularity) came out of the early era of music... The Beatles or whether the best band is someone from today, who is insanely popular. You often hear of everyone saying "The beatles are and will always be the best etc etc. They sold the most records and revolutionised music..."

What you never hear is people saying
"Music back in the day was newer, less people making music, less talent. People didnt have a big choice over who to like and what to love. Music wasn't able to be obtained freeee on the internet."

Personally, I dont think The Beatles are the best. They are great but you can't base anything on record sales anymore cause barely anyone buys records. So that aside we look at the argument of revolutionising music. Someone was eventually gonna come up with new styles, they were the first. The GOOD bands of today have taken that and made it into something much more "revolutionising" music in their own way. I love the beatles but they are not the best band of all time.


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If you want to talk about doing something new in music then the list can be endless.

Black Sabbath introduced the dark, heavy, metallic riffs.

Iron Maiden added melody to speed.

Bands like Pink Floyd, KISS, Alice Cooper, and David Bowie introduced the over the top stage shows..

Poison and Motley Crue introduced glam into the industry.

Metallica took Iron Maiden's speed and combined it with the dark, heavy riffs of Black Sabbath to create Thrash.

Slipknot and Marilyn Manson took the alter-egos that KISS first introduced to the next level creating shock.

Blondie's Rapture was the first rap song to hit #1 on billboard; several years before Jay-Z and the rest.

and i'm sure i'm missing many, many more.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
In my opinion it's very hard to choose one band and name them the greatest band of all time.

But if I had to choose three bands on top of my head this would be the bands.

Beatles: You can say music was newer back then, but you cannot deny what they did in so little time.

ACDC: They done so much for the music industry, and sold so many albums and their music is still going on strong today

Eagles: Their Greatest Hits album is one of the most sold records of all time, and their great performers. The funny thing is that Don Henley and Glen Frey don't even talk to eachother.


A Darker Knight
KISS is the first band I think of that 'revolutionized' music, since we ruled the Beatles out. When I was a kid, before I knew anything about American music, the first (or one of the earliest) band I noticed was KISS. Even though I didn't listen to their music, KISS stuck in my head. For one thing, they had crazy costumes and action figures.


You, sir, are an ASSHAT!!
i gotta say, led zeppelin in the old days was the best band back then. but now, dragonforce is on the rise, and lots of new metal bands are popping up, making a name for themselves. lots of new talent showing their faces.


Registered Member
dragonforce is rising because they have taken speed and melodies to an un-thought of height. its amazing what they can do


You, sir, are an ASSHAT!!
dragonforce is rising because they have taken speed and melodies to an un-thought of height. its amazing what they can do
its amazing what they can do IN THE STUDIO. ever seen them live? suckage.

but they are a brilliant and innovative studio band. no doubt about that. no doubt at all.