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Best Athlete of 2010


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
In your opinion who was the top athlete of 2010? There's so many choices. I'll throw out a few names, but you don't have to select someone from the list.

-Roy Halladay
-Manny Pacquiao
-Sidney Crosby
-Lindsey Vonn
-Rafael Nadal
-Cam Newton

Those are just to name a few, some people might ask me I got Halladay on the list, personally I believe he deserves it, he had an incredible season, which consisted of a Perfect Game and a No-Hitter in his first Major League Playoff game.

Please try to give a few reasons behind your selection.


Haters gonna hate.
Well the one that pops in my head right away was Halladay, but my vote could also go to Drew Brees.


Brees had a great beginning to 2010, but the end of it wasn't anything spectacular.

I'd have to give this some more though... good question though.


Embrace the Suck
I would have to go with either Pac, who dominated every fight, or Kobe Bryant for winning his fifth title. He proved he is still the best player in the league and was dominating throughout the playoffs.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It's strange not talking about Tiger Woods in this discussion. He's been part of these type of subjects for almost every year of his career. It's hard for me to give it to someone, Kobe Bryant would be a good choice, so would LeBron James. I don't believe that Drew Brees deserves it. Yes, he won a Super Bowl but I don't think he stands out for me.

For some reason, I want to give it to an Olympian, someone like Shaun White would be a great selection, he dominates two sports, and put on an incredible show at the Olympics.

This is so tough, after thinking for a while I have to give it to Kobe Bryant, I think LeBron had a better regular season but Kobe Bryant led his team to another championship.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
LeBron James shouldn't even be in this discussion.

Cam Newton had as good of a year as anyone. He had one of the best seasons for a QB in college football history.

I like the idea of giving it to an Olympian. Shaun White's performance in the Olympics definitely blew me away. Could also give it to someone on Spain's national soccer team for winning the World Cup.
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