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If you could be the absolute BEST in the world at one specific thing, what would you choose?

This can be anything - sports, cooking, creative arts, anything.

I would choose opera singing. I would love to be the absolute best at that. :)


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I would like to be the worlds best soldier/mercenary. Crack shot, immense stamina, capable of using any weapon, any vehicle, any piece of equipment. :nod:

Well, that or heavy metal singer. That is something else I would love to be the best at, or even capable in the least.
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I'd like to be the best poker player in the world. I think it would be awesome making a living as a professional poker player, getting to travel to tournaments all over the world.


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I would love to have more skills when it comes to soccer, but I guess for not having that I have the footy skills.


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Playing the bassoon, of course.

Not only would I actually be talented at something for once, I'd be talented at the thing I love. What an amazing concept right?


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Being the best guitarist would be pretty awesome. Considering it's not something I do at all though I'll go with something that's more my cup of tea.

I'd like to be the best artist in the world. Maybe the best actor.

Then again, being the best basketball player in the world would be pretty awesome too. Again though, it's something I don't do at all so it's not going to happen. :lol:
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I would like to be the best prop make in the world, then I could write my own ticket and never have to worry about trying to get a gig ever again, not to mention it would make my work highly collectible. Just like Don Post...