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Best anime quotes


Demon King/Sith Warrior
List your favorite anime quotes.

1) Super Buu: Hah! So, you want to fight Majin Buu?!
Ultimate Gohan: I don't wanna fight you. I wanna kill you. [DBZ]
2) Captain Falcon: FALCON...PUUUNNNNCH!!!!! [Epic anime that I dont remember the title to.]
3) Matsuda (pissed off): NO, I HAVE TO KILL HIM, HE HAS TO DIE! [Death Note]


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Paprika: Don't you think dreams and the Internet are similar? They are both areas where the repressed conscious mind vents.


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Gankutsuou: The Count: "My solitude has ceased to be solitude. I am surrounded by the goddesses of revenge."

Code Geass: Lelouch: "The world won't change with pretty words alone"

Cowboy Bebop: Vicious: "And you will shed tears of scarlet."

Full Metal Alchemist:

Clause: You're nothing but a bunch of chickens! Posing as alchemists when you're just a cowardly little pipsqueak and his walking trashcan!
: [angrily] Pipsqueak?
: [sadly] Trashcan?
: Nobody calls me a pipsqueak and gets away with it! Not even a little girl!
: Oh, is that so. [mockingly] Gosh, I'm so terrified of a whiny little pipsqueak!
Edward: Shut up and take a look at yourself! If you're a girl like they all say, why do you dress like a paperboy?!

I love that episode.
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Likes snow
I can't think of too many right now, but...

FLCL: Amarao: What do you mean, Eyebrows?


#2 New Zealander
I don't Know alot, But ">9000!!!!" Deserves to be there


Likes snow
Remembered/found some more

ARIA: Aika: Embarrassing comments are prohibited!
Gurren Lagann: Kamina: Who the hell do you think I am?!
FLCL: Haruko: It's the climax!
I don't Know alot, But ">9000!!!!" Deserves to be there
I agree, love that quote.

This one is also one of my favorite:
Slam Dunk, Sakuragi Hanamichi: Ore wa tensai desu.

EDIT: forgot the translation: I'm a genius

It's only fun for those who watched Slam Dunk.
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/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Voltes V: "Laser swoooooord!"

When the hero mecha calls on that powerful weapon you know it's time for it to finally kill the enemy and the episode is almost finished. :lol:


Ms. Malone
Vicious: When angels are forced out of heaven they become devils, you agrre don't you spike?
Spike: Heh, i'm just watching a bad dream that i'll never wake up from.
Vicious: I'll wake you up right now.
Spike: What's your rush Vicious? Afterall, it's been a long time.

Best quote out of bebop.


Demon King/Sith Warrior
Spike: Bang.

Character phrase to end the series ftw.
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