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TV Best Animated Musical Numbers


aka ginger warlock
Three of my favourite cartoons all involve musical numbers in them somewhere a long the way be it in extended films of the cartoon or the main cartoon itself, these would be South Park, The Simpsons & Family Guy:

From the South Park movie - La Resistance

South Park: La resistance - YouTube

From The Simpsons - The Mono Rail Song

The Simpsons Songs - The Monorail Song - YouTube

From Family Guy - Christmas Time (is killing us)

Family Guy Christmas Time Is Killing Us! ( Lyrics) - YouTube

Over all as much as I like all of them for me South Park wins. It is such a pointed song that really makes a point, the lyrics are just fabulous:

"why did are mothers start this war? what the fuck are they fighting for? when did this song become a marathon?"

"we must blame everybody before someone thinks of blaming us"

I still don't think that South Park gets enough credit as a social commentary, it is no afraid to call people out on how the state of the world is getting and how truly messed up we are when it comes to some things.

But what wins for you? This doesn't have to be the three I have spoken of, it can be any others that you like.