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best and worst


Registered Member
so what have your best and worst jobs been?
is there a reason you liked certain jobs more than others?

ive not had many different jobs, but i would say one in argos was my worst, everyone kinda made me do all the running around while they all stood about talking, i felt left out and like a slave to everyone,
im not sure what my best one was though, perhaps my work experiance in an office, it was a bit lonely but i enjoyed the tasks, and the people were friendly, it was possibly going to turn permanent but i unfortunatly got really sick and had a week off, they decided that made me un-reliable, even though i got a sick note from the doctors :cry:


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Best job I had was a hot tub maintenance job where I drove around outside all day. Good pay, got to meet plenty of people, and I got a good bit of exercise.

Worst job was McDonald's. That place is terrible.


Sally Twit
I've only had one job so it's the been the best and the worst. I've made a lot of friends since working there which is the positive but there are so many negatives...

I hate my boss
I hate my job
I hate the company since it went under new management
I hate that I haven't had a pay rise in years
I hate that I was made redundant TWICE but accepted two new jobs within the company

Anyway I am hoping to get out of there at some point. I just don't know when.


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Best job is the one I am in now, I get picked up in the morning dropped of night, no two jobs are the same and I get to see a lot of different places.

My worst job is a toss up between McDonalds or my last door job.
McDonalds is just horrible, but at least it was not dangerous.
The door work was in a real dump of a place every fri/sat night and it was a sure thing that myself and every other guy working the door would have a few bruises by Monday.


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Worst job was here in San Diego on a naval base doing data entry for ship parts and military pay. Civil servant company atmosphere and people were awful as was the commute.

Best job is now. None! LOL. Really though....being a QA/QC consultant/contractor is great because it's lucrative and I set my own schedule. The work itself.....meticulous review of data tables and data reporting has got me burned out.


My worst job was at Dollar General as i saw 5 CEO's come and go in the 9 years I was there and thankfully I have a new job in a new state and in a new state of mind,

The best job is my current due to the pay but there is always problems there but the problems don't effect me.