Best and Worst Villain Voices


Demon King/Sith Warrior
For any DB/Z/GT villain (not just main ones) who do you think had the best and worst funi dub voices? (As in fitting the character, not compared to jp)

I think Frieza and Cell and really well done voices; they both fit the characters perfectly, although Frieza's could've been a bit less feminine. Broly was really awesome too. Vic Mignogna is the Chuck Norris of anime VA.

I don't think anyone really had a bad funi dub voice. Baby Vegeta's weak sounding scratchy voice kinda sucks, though.


Sultan of Swat
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My favorite villain overall was Brolly, but since he wasnt there often I'll go with Majin Buu, I think he was awesome, he also had good fights.

The worst was probably Frieza, I think he was annoying and nothing all that special.


Ms. Malone
Freeza looked like a woman anyway.

Now Cooler was awesome, perfect voice too.

Zarbon's was pretty cool too, it suited his pretty boy attitude.