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Best and worst anime voices?


Demon King/Sith Warrior
Dubbed or original, doesn't matter.

Top 5 in no particular order:

Broly (English DBZ)- Hell yes. It's tough and evil without sounding fake and overdone.

Ryuk (English Death Note)- I felt it accomplished the fact that he was all demony and stuff better than the original, which just had him have an ordinary voice.

Spike (English Cowboy Bebop)- I don't know why, to me it just fit really well.

Vegeta (English DBZ)- I AAAM SUPER VEGETA!

Annon (Japanese Law of Ueki)- That slight whisper in his friendly voice made it sound sadistic. It's awesome.

Worst 4 in no particular order-

Goku and Bardock (Japanese DBZ)- What the hell?! Their voices are so... annoying and high pitched. When they scream (which they do alot of) it sounds a cat getting it's nuts ripped off or something.

Luffy (Japanese One Piece)- Same thing, except his wasn't as bad.

Naruto (English Naruto)- Just like the other ones, really annoying, although not because it was high pitched, but because it was all grainy. Believe it!


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Rei (evangelion)

Lucy (elfen lied)

Light (death note)

Mello (death note)


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do NOT like Deidara's voice in the dub (naruto). it just doesn't fit at all :(

i like genosuke (tokyo underground)... but it was so long ago i watched it, i can't remember if it was dub or sub...


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FLCL is one of the best. |:

like the entire cast


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Luffy (Japanese One Piece)- Same thing, except his wasn't as bad.

Luffy's Japanese voice rocks, and it totally captures his character. It's not like Naruto's voice in any way. Luffy's Japanese voice is cute and not annoying and scratchy!

But I do have to say I don't really understand Goku's Japanese voice, it makes him sound really really young, even though he's not. The voice is fine for Goku as a kid, but not as an adult.

Anyways for my opinions:

Edward Elric: Both English and Japanese, they both voice him really well.

Luffy (Japanese): I've already explained, it fits him really well, and it isn't annoying like his English voices or the many other Shonen main protagonists. But hey it's probably partially his character, Luffy has to be the least annoying of the Shonen main characters.

Lelouch (English): I actually have not heard his Japanese voice, but I really like the English voice... and I really think that whoever voiced him would have done a really good job with Light from Death Note and Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club as well. (They're both voiced by the same person in the Japanese versions.)

Sanji (4Kids English Dub): 4Kids butchered One Piece, and they especially ruined poor old Sanji, one of my most favorite One Piece characters. They made him sound retarded.

Naruto - It's probably more his character, to be honest... But I can't stand either his English or Japanese voice.

Other than that I can't really think of any...


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I really like Vegeta's voice from DBZ (the most recent dubs).

It's one of the better anime voices if you ask me. I also find Frieza's voice to be very interesting. Not one of the best, just one of the most unique/interesting.