Best Amusement Park Experience?


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Alright, probably not everybody here has been to an amusement park but I figured that a good portion of the users here have.

I have a favorite amusement park experience and it's not disney world even though I have been there.

My first favorite was back when I was like 12 years old, I was at a park with some friends. The park had records for most times riding a ride in a row on all of their rides. There was this inverted ride that the max number of times anybody had ever ridden it was 9 times in a row. The ride lasted for 5 minutes each time and we decided to go for it.

In all we rode the inverted ride 14 times, that's 70 minutes of straight inverted riding, we were so naucious after it. I was the only one who didn't barf out my guts, but i was pretty dizzy.

you know that you are getting sick on a ride if you can't feel your head.

it was sickening but so so fun.

so does anybody else have any interesting amusement park stories?


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I went to this Amusement park like two hours away from where I live, I didnt do any rides, all I did was drink alcohol, then after six hours of drinking I went to Subway with a few friends because I was hungry, but I was to drunk to order, so my friends had to do it for me. I went to a sitting table, and when my friends were waiting in line, one lady said is that your friend who just fell down. Well ya it was me, I fell from my seat and passed out on the ground. They came to wake me up, and then I could barely stand by myself.

Oh man what a good time.

I'm not a big fan of rides, so usually when I go to amusement parks, I get hammered with my friends.
I love roller coasters, so any time I have the opportunity to go on one, it's a great experience.
I've been to IAPPA a few times and it's always loads of fun to test the new rides. One year, they had this one that brings you up to a ridiculous height, then drops, leaving half your body parts at the top.
My oldest daughter and I went on that so many times, I was too sick to eat until the next day.


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This wasnt funny when it happened but now that I look back at it its pretty hilarious:

When I was 7, I was at Six Flags (then known as River Side) and my mom let me go on this small slide thing. So I went down and then I didnt come back up....yup I almost downed in a kiddy I laugh at that now.

but my best experience was at Spooky World in 2006

I went into one of the Haunted Houses and I was so fucking freaked out. I tried to run, and dropped my hat. So one of the monsters came chasing after me to give it back to me. But i kept screaming "I dont want it". My uncle had to go back and get it for me, lol