Best All-Time Clutch Player?



I'm going to have to say Michael Jordan. Not only could he come up with great offensive plays, but most of his last second heroics were actually set up by him playing defense and getting a key stop. take for instance the 1998 NBA Finals, in Game 2, Jordan came up with a big stop to let the Bulls win. In Game 6, he steals the ball from Malone than drains that famous play against Russell. He doesn't get those two big stops, the Bulls lose to the Jazz. Jordan did the same thing in the preceeding series against Indiana, and countless other times throughout his career. Clutch shooting in my opinion is three things...1/3rd skill, 1/3rd confidence, 1/3rd luck.

I could also make a case for Reggie Miller.

However, if you are going to make a case of Miller, I'll start a debate right now...........You obviously haven't watched Jordan play. He has hit many more clutch shots than Reggie Miller.

I guess you missed all the games where Reggie was playing poor defense late in games and his man scored clutch baskets.

Miller is not more clutch. How many defensive clutch plays has Miller made? Jordan made a lot of clutch defensive stops on the games biggest stage. Remember Jordan in the 1998 NBA Finals? Karl Malone one of the greatest power forwards of all time was stripped by Jordan with 20 seconds left on the clock, Jordan then hits the game winning shot over Bryon Russell a premier defender to win a CHAMPIONSHIP. (Just as I mentioned in the previous paragraph.) I don't remember Reggie making a clutch defensive play like that...ever. I don't remember Reggie hitting a game winner to win a championship either.

Jordan has hit game winning shots to win CHAMPIONSHIPS, Reggie NEVER did that. Jordan has made clutch defensive plays to win titles, Reggie NEVER did that. Jordan has made clutch passes to win titles, Reggie NEVER did that.

Oh yeah, Jordan has hit over 26 game winning shots, If you add in clutch shots overall then the number would be in the hundreds.

It's not close.

Clutch Active Players?
Here's three that I can think of Right off the top of my head:
- Kobe Bryant (Case closed.)
- Paul Pierce (Its a shame to have an active players list and not include Paul Pierce. He has made some of the most difficult game winners I have seen in my life. Overtime vs Washington last year with 2 guys in his face? No problem. Vs. New Jersey with Kidd in his face? Nothing but net. The guy is a rock out there)
- Robert Horry (Sure, he's hit about 4 or 5 amazing shots in his career, he's a roleplayer, not as much pressure on him as the star player of the team, and most of his shots were open or he was in the right place at the right time. It doesn't matter, it's still clutch, and pressuring shots.)


Besides the people that you mentioned, Carmelo is really clutch. He has been for the past 2 seasons. Wade and Kobe are clutch as well.

Miller is clutch, but not the best clutch player. That title would definately go to Jordan.

I know I'm forgetting some players, but I'm half-dead, about to go to sleep.


In terms of all-time, it's a tight race between Jordan and Bird. Jordan wins it for me because he made more plays on the defensive end to win games as TheSportsGuy said, and he was more capable of getting his shot off than Bird.


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There's no doubt in everyone's mind that Michael Jordan as to be the best clutch player in NBA history. The times he destroyed the fans hope with a play in un-countable. What Reggie Miller did agaisnt teams in clutch sitautions especially against the New York Knicks is pretty insane. Those 2 steals in like 5 seconds and drainning 2 treys at the same time is one of the most clutch play in NBA history. Larry Bird was clucth everytime the Celtics needed him to be, the pressure never fased that guy, and he never disappointed either. A person you forgot to mention is actually named Mr Clutch and that's Jerry West, the times he made a big shot to help the Lakers win in unbeleivable. I also have to mention Vince Carter aswell because he's won atleast 10 games for his team in clutch situations.

In my mind the one of the most clutch plays in NBA history as to be Tracy McGrady against the San Antonio Spurs. Incredible what he did during those final seconds.

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Jordan, Bird, Jerry West were all know for being clutch performers.

Hard to say who's been the best.


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Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant have performed in a few of clutch performance and they hardly disappointed their teams in those kind of situations, but they haven't been in enough clutch situations to put them on this list just yet. Maybe you can put Kobe Bryant on this list, because he's been in the league for like 10 years, but I don't want to put him on this list right now, because he hasn't been involved in huge clutch situations like the other players mentioned. And Dwyane Wade is still new to this league so he definitly doesn't belong on this list just yet.