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Which wrestler defines what every wrestler should have. Well, I might as well start off with my opinion about. I think that the best all around wrestler of all time would be Chris Jericho. Why?

Brett Hart had the best technicall skills, but he lacked a bit a of chrisma.. (out of Canada)
Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior had ALOT of charisma but SUCKED in the ring.

Chris Jericho is somewhat of a wreslter's wrestler. He has great matt skills, great air skills, great charisma, athletisim, and he doesn't use a cheesy gimmick. He can be a great face, he can be a great heel. 15 years later, and he's still got it. imo he is overlooked.. he should be stacked on the short list with your Hitmans, and your Hogans and your Austins.
I guess you mean best all-around wrestler EVER instead of CURRENTLY, correct?

I'm going with Kurt Angle. He had great mic skills that always made me laugh, a great wrestler with a nice technical style and charisma both in AND out of the ring. He plays the heel/face roles well and people are always behind him. All-round great wrestler and the only one I can remember that deserves this title.
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I have to go with Bret Hart, he wasn't the best on the microphone but he could cut a good promo and he was better then average when he spoke in the ring.

There was no one better in the ring when it came to wrestling then Bret The Hitman hart. He could do anything in that ring and he did with ease.

He's the best all-around wrestler in my opinion.