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What do you consider the best medium of Advertising?

As I headed to the grocery store for lunch to get my Turkey Sammich today... I saw all kinds of Ads along the way. Everything from Billboards, to Vehicles with Full Body Vinyl stickers, to Sign Shakers, the list goes on and on.

In your experience...what kind of advertising actually gets you go to somewhere?

We're constantly bombarded with Ads on TV, Radio, Internet, and even scattered along Roads. But are those a waste of money? Which type of Advertising is the most effective on you?


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I try not to let it affect me. I think it's a huge waste of money - I'm not about to go out and buy some Coke just because Mean Joe Green gave some kid his jersy - but at the same time the industry is so huge that the economy would be in pretty bad shape without it. Although I do have a Dyson thanks to marketing and advertising.

I think that ads for films are probably the most useful
I don't necessarily think it's all a waste of money for companies. Don't get me wrong, I don't see adverts and think "omg I need to go buy that".. but if I'm in a store looking for an unfamiliar type of product (i.e. one that I don't already have a brand I can rely on for), I'm much more likely to pick something I've seen around a lot on advertisements.

Anyway, the type of advertisement that's most likely to get my attention is definitely not internet or radio. And we hardly have any billboards here, nothing like what you guys have that's for sure. So I guess it's TV. A quick, witty & informative commercial can go a long way.


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Sometimes its neat to see catchy slogans and witty little rhymes on buses and benches. Its definitely not a waste of money. Advertising isn't just to convince you, its also to make you aware of a product or service that you may not have known about previously. So next time you need an air conditioner fixed, you'll remember 'air conditioner Joe! We help you blow!'


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I love this thread! :D

It interests me what you all think. Good research!

Personally I'm with Smel I LOVE taglines and slogans. I think the best form of advertising are things like Flashmobs and other guerrilla tactics. I think the more in your face something is or unique the better. Of course it does still all go wrong but hey....

Adverts fascinate me I love analysing them and breaking them down :)

I'm gonna go put my geeky face away now haha!



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For my business What would i prefer the best medium of advertisement. Firstly i would see my targeted audience. Second i would consider my budget against my business. If i am working in the local demography like the particular sector in New york then i can use outside banners considered my budget then second option i can use the news paper, and also SEO is the best option to catch the internet users of specific demography